Company Profile

company name Time World Co., Ltd.
Establishment July of 1999
Capital 27.5 million JPY
CEO Takafumi Kato
Address of Main Office 7F, Yaesu Rotary Building, 1-7-17 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Post Code 103-0028
TEL +81-03-3527-8883
FAX +81-03-3527-9393
Main Customer Konami Sports & Life Co.,
Ltd.Tokyo Fuji Color Co., Ltd.
ItoCo., Ltd.

Greetings form CEO

Thank you very much for visiting O2capsule and O2 BOX manufacturer site./p>

The reason for our company to develop and produce O2 Capsule and O2 Box is as follow. The ordinary model of O2 capsule in Japan is used as a medical instrument in Japan with a high pressure of 2.0 to 3.0 atmospheres, and the main purpose is to treat the patient. The price is also very expensive, from 20 million JPY to 500 million JPY.

In the USA, there was a highly effective oxygen capsule of 1.3 atmospheres which healthy people can use every day. However, there is only the soft type, with some problems such as durability and operability.

As a result, the O2 Capsule with high quality was born within our company and enter the market successfully.

When supplying customers with new products, our company is sticking to the following points.:
・Made in Japan
・Ease of operation (fully automated, first completely unmanned model in the industry)
・Maintenance system
・Guarantee in the Quality

O2 Capsule and O2 Box is manufactured in Japan, and we have established a call center as well, supporting the maintenance and the whole system of one package service.

According to the request of the medical institution, we produce the O2 Capsule and O2 Box with great care in each and every piece of parts. Even the cushion inside is make by the patented material, not only qualified for antibacterial sterilization, but also with no smell at all.

In addition to supplying products as a manufacturer, we are also working hard on providing the service.

While we have been engaged in oxygen business for many years, we have seen many shops which introduced oxygen capsule but not going well in the business. The reason for not going well is lacking of sales know-how about the sales of oxygen capsule.

Our company has experience and achievement of oxygen business. We will provide you the know-how on sales and product strength. We believe that this is the responsibilities as a manufacturer and we can fulfill it with our hard work.

Because we are sticking to the business philosophy above, we have been accepted by the market and received the praise from major companies such as Konami Sports, Tokyo Metro, etc.

We have also received order from professional baseball teams, professional soccer teams and university hospitals. We are proud of our business philosophy which leads us to the success of today.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to our customers. Any business achievement of our company is because of customer.

In the future, we will continue to make further efforts to have more people to understand the benefit one can receive from O2 Capsule and O2 Box.

Takafumi Kato