O2 Capsule

O2 Capsule

  • Safety and durability are greatly improved than conventional soft type.
  • Completely automatic, do not need the accompanying of the operator at times.
  • You can bring the controller inside the capsule, therefore you can operate the capsule all by yourself.

A room shaped space where you can relax more comfortably. 

Fully Automatic and remote-controlled type.


  • We can customize both size and interior and exterior according to your request.
  • In the O2 box you can choose to sleep or sit down. It can be installed at almost any locations because it is an independent room itself.
  • Because inner space is large, you can use it for various purpose in various scenes such as hospital, bone clinic, cram school, internet cafe, hotel, spa facilities and so on.
O2 BOX Size O2 BOX For 1~2 user


O2 Box and O2 Dome are built with blocks which and split and join with ease.With the unit of the block, it can be customized according to the size of the space and purpose.

O2 Capsule  Soft Type, Manual type

O2 Capsule

  • O2 Capsules are now serving the professional baseball players and Olympic athletes. Very continent to carry when going out to join training or sports competition.
  • Emergency exhaust valve (internal and external, manually)
O2 Capsule

Optional Accessory

Air conditioner

  • An air conditioner can be installed as an optional accessory in O2 Capsule or O2 Box.
  • Always keep comfortable room temperature.

EMS Machine O2 Cube Massage Machine

O2 Cube

  • The frequency of patent obtained M-Cube massage machine is with the function of stiff shoulder caring, injury caring, diet supporting, skin lifting, etc.
  • Because the frequency component is high, it is possible to reach the core of the body with less skin resistance.



  • It is the first supplement that can supply 100% of Oxygen in the body just by drinking it with any drink.
  • No like the ordinary oxygen water in the market, from which the oxygen escapes as soon as opening the cap, in O2 Supple Oxygen Water, the oxygen concentration is maintained gently even if the cap has been opened, therefore it can be absorbed by the body efficiently.
  • Please use O2 Supple Oxygen Water to maintain beauty and health, and relieve stress and fatigue at the same time.

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